As first reported in this morning’s edition of The Cheat Sheet, it appears Superintendent of Public Instruction Glenda Ritz is opening the door to possible run for Governor in 2016.

During an interview Wednesday evening on “Just Let Me Teach” on the Indiana Talks network, Ritz says while she still plans to run for re-election as Superintendent of Public Instruction, she did not rule out a run for Governor in 2016.   Ritz said she was comfortable with the job she has now, but with the current political climate, she could not rule out anything.

In her interview, Ritz also talks about the conflict with the State Board of Education is about whose job it is to direct policy.    Ritz also says she reached out to the Governor early in her term looking for common ground however the Governor’s office, she claims, undermined her authority with the creation of the now defunct Center for Education and Career Inquiry.  Ritz also says the recent conflicts have overshadowed things the board and her office have achieved together.

Ritz said efforts to reconstitute the make up of the State Board of Education are designed to take power away from the voters.  She also says there are bills out there to give the State Board of Education more money and more authority to do things traditionally done by her office.

The Superintendent’s interview begins at 26:00 into the podcast.

Glenda Ritz Interview on “Just Let Me Teach”

Photo: Chalkbeat Indiana