Indianapolis Deputy Mayor David Hampton is apologizing for racially offensive remarks he made with regard to a group of African Americans who met with President Trump.

He called the gathering a “coon connection meeting” and also referred to it as “coonery and foolery.”

His comments created a social media firestorm.

His apology is below…

I humbly, and sincerely apologize for offending some in my recent comments, in which I used poor word choice. While I acknowledge that I am held to a higher standard in my roles as a religious leader and city official, I also acknowledge my human flaws.

In my frustration and desire to see more substantive dialogue between President Donald Trump and a select few African-American leaders, and more of a focus on issues of employment, healthcare, poverty, etc., I commented on a friend’s social media thread. In my critique of what appeared to be a Black History dialogue between President Trump and African-American leaders, I casually, with no malicious intent, used a cutting term which is defined in the Urban Dictionary as: a black actor or actress, who takes roles that stereotypically portrays black people…and contributes to the perpetuation of degrading images; a sell out.

In the last 48 hours, another teen has been tragically shot, and as one of our city’s leaders in the trenches, I care deeply about our city, and improving the issues that plague us. Like so many others, my passion to serve is manifested through my actions as well as through discourse – not rhetoric that distracts from the issues I am truly focused on. My personal comment was isolated, and does not reflect the Hogsett administration. I take full responsibility for my words, in poor taste.