The Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department is investigating an early Wednesday morning shooting of two Clark County judges in the downtown area.

According to IMPD, just after 3:23 a.m. on May 1 officers were dispatched on reports of a person shot at 55 W. South street, which is the parking lot of White Castle. Responding officers located two male victims with apparent gunshot wounds. IEMS personnel responded and transported both victims to local hospitals for treatment. One male was transported in critical but stable condition the other in serious condition.

The two were later identified as Clark County Judges who were visiting Indianapolis for a conference.  Judge Andrew Adams and Judge Bradley Jacobs, both have served the judicial branch since their election in 2014. Judge Jacobs is in critical and stable condition. Judge Adams is in stable condition.

Due to the proximity of the shooting to the Red Garter Strip Club, IMPD had to put out a statement to the media that the two judges never entered into the establishment, contrary to some early media reports.  

And Clark County Presiding Judge Vicki Carmichael says has spoken with fellow judges who were with Judge Adams and Judge Jacobs and she has been advised certain reports circulating about the event are inaccurate.

There is no evidence that the Judges were specifically targetted.

The shootings come at the same time as three other individuals were shot in different parts of the city over the same time frame.

Photo:  RTV 6

4:44 p.m. update – In response to numerous media inquiries, IMPD released the following timeline of events.

•       At approximately 3:21 am, Downtown District officers heard faint gunshots while on patrol downtown.
•       As they began to look for the source of the possible gunfire, a person shot run was dispatched to the White Castle, 55 W. South Street.
•       Officers arrived and found two males with gunshot wounds.
•       Both were taken to the hospital and rushed to surgery
•       Currently both are in stable condition
•       The detective has not been able to get a statement from the victim
•       Several witnesses have been interviewed
•       Based on those statements, this is what we know at this time (as the investigation progresses, this info could change)
o       The victims and two other persons visited several downtown restaurant/bars Tuesday evening into Wednesday morning.
o       The group went to the bar adjacent the White Castle after 3am but it was closed, they then went to the White Castle.
o       The two victims and another person stood near the building, while a fourth person went into the restaurant.
o       A vehicle pulled into the lot and parked.
o       Persons from inside the vehicle got out and attempted to get into the restaurant, but the doors were locked.
o       Words were exchanged between the groups and a physical fight ensued.
o       Currently we do not know what the conversation was between the two groups.
o       Shots were fired, and the two victims were hit.
o       The shooter fled in the vehicle
•       The victims did not shoot each other
•       Suspects/suspect info is not being released at this time