by Devon Dean

Once upon a time, the internet was a magical land where I could download music from a wide berth of places, shop EBay, and reconnect with old friends from throughout my life.

It was rather banal for the most part. That level of calm has since given way to what I believe is a rather silly hissy fit.  Every social platform has evolved into a never-ending argument that makes the Spanish Inquisition seem mild by comparison.

Look, I get it – opinions are like assholes. Everyone has one and they run the gamut.

But, at the end of the day, you’re most likely wasting your time posting that opinion on the internet. Because, newsflash – you’re probably not going to change anyone’s viewpoint during a fight from behind a keyboard.

Before you get all defensive, I want to explain my rationale on this. Opinions about everything from politics to cupcake flavors tend to form without the aid of so-called “trolls.” I admit to dabbling in political arguments as a former journalist. I loved my previous career for the time I had it and I staunchly defend the press. I also know the press are human and make mistakes. I once referred to a government building as “Sh*tty Hall” on-air. I rest my case.

But, at some point, I realized I cannot magically change how someone feels or views me, my former profession, etc. I just can’t.

So, I stopped trying. Haters are really going to hate and if that’s how they spend their lives, that’s on them. Trust me, I love a good civil discourse now and then. But, it’s best done face-to-face and with a modicum of decorum attached. Besides, face-to-face means you’re interacting with a real person, as opposed to AI bots from parts unknown. The second you log in, you’re not exactly sure what you’re going to get.

My simple advice is to just get over it. The fight for equal rights for all will continue to rage on, Facebook post or no Facebook post. If you disagree with something, fine. But, don’t “like” a page or friend someone simply to start a war you cannot win.  Life is short and is best spent being kind, even if you don’t agree with everything you see and hear.

Besides, actions speak louder than typing ever will.

Devon Dean is a Contest Strategist at a local marketing firm, a former colleague of Abdul’s, and a student of Brazilian jiu-jitsu.

devon dean (head shot)