A Bloomington woman whose son was scheduled for release from a  Venezuelan prison back in November says he has not been let go and she believes he is being held hostage by the Maduro government.

Todd Leininger was taken into custody back in 2014 during a trip to visit his wife’s family.

At the time he was accused of conspiring with terrorists, something his mother Barbara says was not true.

She says Todd was forced to sign a confession in exchange for a shorter prison sentence, however, he was supposed to have been released in November, but nothing has happened.

And with the growing political crisis in the country, she says she worries for his health and safety.

Leininger says she has reached out to U.S. Senator Todd Young as well as Congressman Trey Hollingsworth for help.

You can hear Leininger in the Leon-Tailored Audio above.  It runs for about 18 minutes.

Photo:  Indiana Public Media