The same union that went after Governor Mike Pence this summer over Indiana’s infrastructure is throwing its support behind the House Republican road funding proposal.

Dave Fagan of the International Operating Engineers spent tens of thousands of dollars in television ads and mailers this past summer attacking the Governor over the condition of Indiana’s roads.

In an interview with Indy Politics, Fagan says he supports the House Republican plan, because it includes a long-term funding component to the state’s infrastructure needs.

House Republicans have called for indexing the gas tax and motor fuel taxes to 2015 levels as well as increasing the cigarette tax to free up more general revenue for roads.  They passed their road plan out of committee 8-5.

The Governor has opposed raising gas taxes and the Senate is cool to the idea, however Fagan says those taxes should be viewed more as user fees, since they are only paid by the individuals who use the products.

In addition, Fagan says his organization would likely come to the defense of any elected official who supports the House Republican long-term road plan.

You can hear Fagan in the Leon-Tailored Audio above.  It runs 15 minutes.