Although the average Indiana teacher’s salary is below the national average, one researcher has found that when you factor in the cost of living, Hoosier educators are actually ahead.

Thousands of educators and their supporters are expected to rally at the Statehouse next Tuesday on Organization Day, one of the demands is for increasing teacher pay.

However, Ben Scafidi of Kennesaw University in Georgia tells Indy Politics that his research shows that when factored in for the cost of living, Indiana teachers make more than the national average.  He also says that since 1992, the number of students and teachers in Indiana public schools has increased by about 10 percent, while all other staff has grown by more than 56 percent and he says some of those dollars could be used to increase teacher salaries.

You can hear Scafidi in the Leon-Tailored Audio above.  It runs for about 10 minutes.