Citing family and financial needs, IMPD Chief Troy Riggs announced today that he will be stepping down as Chief early next year.

Riggs served as public safety director under former Mayor Greg Ballard and later came back as police chief under Joe Hogsett in January.

Riggs says Indy has made a lot of progress when it comes to fighting crime, but still has a lot of work to do going forward.

The Chief did not say where he was headed next, only that his next position would allow him to better address his family’s financial needs.

Mayor Hogsett said the search to replace Riggs will begin immediately, however he could not say whether the city would go outside the department or hire from within.

FOP President Rick Snyder tells Indy Politics the city has a good command staff and that promotion should come from within.

You can hear the Chief, Mayor and Rick Snyder in the Leon-Tailored Audio above.