Proponents of Sunday alcohol retail sales say they will have to kill the legislation allowing for it.

The Indiana House of Representatives today narrowly voted down an amendment that would have eased restrictions in a bill allowing for Sunday alcohol sales.

The bill, passed out of committee would have allowed for Sunday retail alcohol sales, but would have placed restrictions on grocery, drug and big box store merchants, such as only clerks 21 and over could ring up alcohol sales, alcohol could only be in a segregated area of the store and liquor could only be sold behind the counter.

By a vote of 45-47 the House failed to pass an amendment authored by State Representative Jud McMillin which would have allowed for security caps to be placed on liquor, 24-hour surveillance as well as alcohol could only be sold in a consolidated area.

Sunday Sales proponents call the bill unacceptable, saying it will raise prices on all customers, not just those those buying alcohol.  They say they will now try and kill the legislation when it comes to the full House on Monday.

You can hear their comments below.  Indy Politics spoke with John Elliot of Kroger.  We also spoke with McMillin who offered the amendment.   Their total comments run less than 7 minutes.

Leon-Tailored Audio: Amended Sunday Sales Bill