Speaking to reporters today, Indiana Senate President Pro Tempore David Long said he personally is not opposed to a law that would allow Sunday alcohol sales nor does he think discrimination is the intent behind a bill to safeguard religious liberty.

The Senate Judiciary Committee will hear SB 568 which   says a state or local government may not “substantially burden” a person’s right to exercise their religion unless it is “essential to further a compelling government interest” and is done in the least restrictive manner.   Supporters say the bill is needed to protect religious freedom while opponents say it would promote discrimination.

Meanwhile, House Public Policy Chairman Tom Dermody has introduced a Sunday alcohol sales bill that would allow Sunday sales from 10 a.m.-6 p.m. and lift restrictions on what liquor stores can sell.

Long also discussed school testing as well as possible expansion of gaming in Indiana.

You can hear Long’s comments above.   The audio presented by Leon Tailoring, Co.