In the Republican race for the U.S. Senate, two former State GOP Chairman are throwing their support behind a candidate who hasn’t even entered the contest.

Former GOP State Chairmen Jim Kittle and Al Hubbard are encouraging their fellow Republicans to support 9th District Congressman Todd Young for the Senate.  Young has not entered the race, but a decision is expected this month.   Currently the only two declared candidates are former Chairman Eric Holcomb and 3rd District Congressman Marlin Stutzman.   State Senator Mike Delph is considering entering the race also.

A copy of Kittle and Hubbard’s e-mail can be found below…

Today Indiana finds itself at another pivotal moment and the stakes could not be higher. Sen. Dan Coats’ decision to retire from the U. S. Senate has put in play a Senate seat that is crucial to both our state and the direction of the nation.

We have a high regard for both announced candidates, Eric Holcomb and Congressman Marlin Stutzman; and it’s clear Republican primary voters will have a quality field from which to choose in next year’s election. However, one potential candidate clearly stands out: Congressman Todd Young.

We know Todd. We believe he would be the best candidate because he’s never shied away from making tough choices during his time in office. He always puts the good of our country ahead of what may be popular or politically expedient.

After one term, because of the respect he quickly garnered with his colleagues, he was appointed to the powerful Ways and Means Committee, which deals with issues like tax reform, free trade, Medicare and Social Security, welfare reform and some of the biggest challenges facing our country. Additionally, in just over two terms in office, he has already seen the House pass numerous bills he has written, including two repealing the most egregious parts of Obamacare, and one to fundamentally reform our process for implementing new regulations.

Put simply: We believe Todd Young is a proven conservative leader and would be the strongest candidate and office holder Republicans could field in 2016.

Todd plans to make a decision about the 2016 U. S. Senate race in the next few weeks. As he weighs his options, we ask you to exercise patience in making a decision regarding your support until he makes a final decision. In the meantime, we are confident he would enjoy hearing from you about what you want to see in your next Senator. His email is


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Jim Kittle, Jr.
Former Chairman,
Indiana Republican Party
Al Hubbard
Former Chairman,
Indiana Republican Party