by Abdul-Hakim Shabazz

There were a lot of story lines out of Election night,Trump’s victory, the GOP Sweep, but we think the most under-reported story line was the fact that highest vote getter in the state of Indiana in 2016 was not Donald Trump, but Attorney General Elect Curtis Hill.  Take a look at these results…

  • Curtis Hill – 1,642,555
  • Donald Trump – 1,556,122
  • Todd Young – 1,422,962
  • Jennifer McCormick – 1,420,075
  • Eric Holcomb – 1,396,409
  • Glenda Ritz –  1,238,685
  • John Gregg – 1,234,500
  • Evan Bayh – 1,157,645
  • Hillary Clinton – 1,036,426
  • Lorenzo Arrendondo – 993,183

I think it says quite a bit that Hill, an African-American, was the highest voteg etter, but according our research, he got more votes than anyone else in Indiana history.

I think it also says quite a bit that  Clinton only got 43,000 more votes than Judge Arrendondo and Ritz actually outperformed Bayh and Gregg.

What do you think?