The Indiana Senate has concurred with a House bill that will likely result in a constitutional challenge by Governor Holcomb.

The Senate concurred with HB 1123, which gives Indiana lawmakers the authority to call a special session in order to review and if necessary curb the Governor’s emergency powers.

Governor Eric Holcomb has said he does not think the measure is constitutional because the state constitution only expressly gives him the authority to call a special session.

Leaders in the House and Senate have said they have the authority to call a special session, but they have not provided proof to back up that claim.

The bill also requires the General Assembly to decide how non-discretionary federal stimulus money is spent if lawmakers are in session, and if not, for that spending to be reviewed by the State Budget Committee.

Governor Holcomb is expected to veto the bill and lawmakers are expected to override the veto.

The measure would then end up in court.