Over the protests of Indy City-County Council Democrat Majority Leader Monroe Gray, newly elected Council President Stephen Clay and Republican Leader Mike McQuillen, put the GOP in charge of several committees of the Democrat-controlled body.

Although Democrats have a 14-11 majority on the body,  the Council’s Committee on Committees which oversees assignments gave Republicans control over the ethics, rules and public works committees.

The committee consists of the Council President, Majority Leader and Minority Leader.

Gray voted against putting Republicans in charge, saying it was a Democrat controlled body.  Clay and McQuillen said the move show new bi-partisanship on the Council.  Clay also noted Democrats are still the majority on the committees.

The new Council Committee Chairs are as follows…

  • Ethics – Mike McQuillen
  • Metropolitan and Economic Development – Lakeisha Jackson
  • Municipal Corporations – Monroe Gray
  • Parks & Rec – Duke Oliver
  • Public Safety & Criminal Justice – Stephen Clay
  • Administration and Finance – Joe Simpson
  • Rules – Janice McHenry
  • Public Words – Scott Kreider
  • Community Affairs and Education – Blake Johnson

Council members who lost their committee posts were mostly the same as the ones who voted for Maggie Lewis over Clay for President.  The list included Vop Osili (Metropolitan and Economic Development),   Frank Mascari (Community Affairs & Education),  Leroy Robinson (Public Safety and Criminal Justice),  Zach Adamson (Public Works).  Lewis was removed as Chair of the Rules Committee.

Democrat Councilor Jared Evans, who voted for Lewis, released the following statement,

“The Republican leadership, the president along with the majority leader decided today to appoint Republicans to chair the Rules and Public Policy and Public Works committees.  Additionally, the new president himself will now chair the Public Safety committee.  These appointments are clearly payments of debts owed for votes cast during Monday’s election.  Additionally, this is just the first of many decisions that will place political gamesmanship over the needs of our constituents.  I along with my colleagues will remain dedicated to putting the people first and will not let the shortsighted decision of others compromise the well being of our community.”
You can hear reaction from Clay, Gray and McQuillen in the Leon-Tailored Audio above.   The Council Committee meeting was also streamed live on Facebook, you can see that here.

Photo:  Indianapolis Business Journal