Despite objections by some Republicans, the Indianapolis City-County Council by a vote of 18-7, gave Mayor Joe Hogsett his budget.

The $1.06 billion proposal spends more in public safety and criminal justice and less on the administrative and legislative branches of government. The administration also boasts this year’s budget spent less than last year, albeit that number was $13 million less, a decrease of 1.15 percent.

Hogsett officials also say the budget takes a major step to cutting the city’s the structural deficit from $55 million to $23.8 million.    That deficit is cut in part due to  a one-time distribution of local option income taxes to the tune of $13 million.   And the city reduced its contribution to its rainy day fund by about $17 million.

Republicans criticized the Mayor’s budget saying it did not spend enough on roads and infrastructure.  They also say the city is borrowing millions and creating new debt when it should be using funds provided by the state.  They attempted to introduce their plan which have relied on less borrowing, but failed due to procedural issues.