Indiana Democrats hope enough Republicans will be upset with the General Assembly’s vote on restricting abortion rights that it will help them in the mid-term elections.

The legislature last week passed SB 1 which banned most abortions except for those resulting from rape or incest (up to 10 weeks), or if the life of the mother was in danger.

Democrats say they have heard from a lot of Republicans who are disenfranchised with their party over its abortion vote and are looking at voting for them.

Appearing at Tuesday’s news conference were IDP Chairman Mike Schmul, Vice-Chair Myla Elridge, Destiny Wells (Candidate for Secretary of State),                 ZeNai Brooks (Candidate for State Auditor),   Jessica McClellan (Candidate for State Treasurer) ,    Jocelyn Vare (Candidate for Indiana Senate – District 31)  and Victoria Garcia Wilburn (Candidate for Indiana House – District 32).

You can hear them in the Leon-Tailored Audio above.

The news conference is part 1, questions from the media are part 2.