This weekend Indy Bard Fest presents the play, Elizabeth Rex.

This is a true story.

In 1601, the Earl of Essex, lover to Queen Elizabeth, was indicted for high treason.

On the eve of his execution, the Queen summoned Will Shakespeare and his actors to perform.

The playwright proposes that the Queen was tortured with self-doubt and walked out of her palace to the barn on the grounds and finds the actors trying to bed down for the night.  The company must be housed within the royal stables due to the curfew commanded by the Queen in the aftermath of the Essex uprising and the scheduled execution of Essex with the coming dawn

What does it mean to be a ruler, a man, or a woman? Elizabeth Rex’s roller-coaster of passionate peaks and valleys is hugely entertaining and superbly written.

Imagine you are in the company of the most powerful ruler in the world and the greatest playwright that ever lived.

What would that conversation be like?

Come find out!

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