After 14 years as the head of the Hoosier Environmental Council, Jesse Kharbanda is stepping down.

Kharbanda announced last week that he was leaving the post.  He plans to take  on a new initiative related to the global biodiversity crisis and to society’s addiction to factory farming; he will remain at the helm of HEC until his successor is in place.

Under Kharbanda’s leadership, HEC prioritized reducing coal ash and factory farm pollution, protecting and expanding forests and wetlands, enhancing environmental health and justice, and fostering carbon-free energy and transportation solutions. Every legislative session, he and his staff developed multi-faceted campaigns to weaken and stop damaging legislation while simultaneously working with lawmakers to draft legislation aimed at solving problems affecting our air, land, water, and wildlife.
Known for his “big tent” approach, Kharbanda consistently positioned himself as a bridge builder working with both Republicans and Democrats.
You can hear Kharbanda in the Leon-Tailored Audio above.  It runs for about 20 minutes.