Marion County residents who attend high school sporting events outside of the County and don’t wear masks or maintain social distancing could find themselves in trouble with the County Health Department.

In a news conference today, Mayor Joe Hogsett and Dr. Virginia Cain, said while they are recommending that masks be worn and social distancing be maintained, they need to make sure that no one brings back COVID-19 into Marion County.

And Dr. Cain said if they see those violations, they could be forced to close down sports in Marion County.  

While she admits they don’t have the staff to be at every sporting event outside the county, Dr. Cain said she would work with other county health departments and some of their own staff would attend games on occasion to make sure people are in compliance.

You can hear Mayor Hogsett and Dr. Cain in the Leon-Tailored Audio above,  it runs for about 45 minutes.

They also discuss the reopening of bars and nightclubs at 25-percent indoor capacity and 50-percent outdoors.