Although Indianapolis is on track for its worst year of murders in the city’s history, Mayor Joe Hogsett does not think the administration needs to make changes to its anti-crime strategy.

So far there have been 99 murders in Indianapolis, which is one murder every 2.5 days.  If the current rate continues, Indy would have 146 murders at the end of the year, surpassing last year which was 144.

Hogsett says his budget adds new officers which will help expand beat coverage.  He also cited IMPD’s efforts to address crime holistically.  And the Mayor also says while September has been a difficult month, he is hoping the numbers will improve before year’s end.

Hogsett made the statement during a news conference on poverty.   The City of Indianapolis will join the Christian Theological Seminary as a community partner in their Faith & Action Project, a concerted effort to help reduce poverty in the community.

You can hear the Mayor’s comments on crime in part 2 of the Leon-Tailored Audio above.