Indiana Governor Eric Holcomb is running for re-election.

Holcomb made the announcement in front of hundreds of supporters at The Hoosier Gym in Knightstown.

The Governor said he would continue moving Indiana forward with jobs, education and fighting opioid addiction.

A copy of his remarks are below… or you can listen to them in the Leon-Tailored Audio above.  They run for about 15 minutes.


Hello, Hoosiers!

What a day!

And what a way for me and Suzanne to officially announce our commitment to keep Indiana moving forward for four more years!

We couldn’t be more excited about the future, because here in Indiana, we’ve become a leader, not just across the country, but around the world.

And it’s all because of our team – all of you – getting at it every day, taking Indiana to the Next Level, exceeding high expectations!

And we’ve done it the right way, the Indiana way, by Putting People First!

From the economy, to job creation, to infrastructure, to public health, to education, you name it!

We’re making a positive difference in the lives of Hoosiers all over our great state.

That’s right, it’s happening everywhere!

And to prove the point with you all and all those standing right behind me, we have Hoosiers from each of our 92 counties in this gym right now!

Which is only fitting, because we don’t believe in lonely victories in Indiana, and you all represent an even bigger statewide team that’s come together as One Indiana like I’ve never seen to take our state onward and upward.

Because we’re Putting People First, we’re making Indiana the best place to find a job and start a career.

Because we’re Putting People First, we’re creating an economic ecosystem that today ranks best in the Midwest!

We’re not just competing with the biggest, most populated, or most coastal states. We’re beating them!

And I’m not tired of winning yet. Are you?!

And we’re going to keep on winning, because Indiana provides certainty, stability, predictability and aspirational continuity – exactly what the pro-growth career creators crave.

And that’s why we’re breaking new job commitment records year-after-year.

That’s why we’ve tripled the foreign direct investment here on Hoosier soil in just the last three years.

And that’s why we’re able to maintain our triple-A credit rating, and we have more Hoosiers working in the private sector today than at in any other time in our state’s history!

Yes, jobs are up – and unemployment is down.

Wages are up.

Reserves are up.

Exports are up.

And our GDP is up!

Ah, but wait – there’s more!

We’re also Putting People First by investing in our infrastructure (the way we connect with each other and markets) on an unprecedented scale, completing transformational projects, border to border.

We’re finishing I-69 three years ahead of schedule!

We’re making 31 a true freeway, so you can finally put it on cruise control.

We’re bringing more nonstop flights to our statewide regional airports.

We’re double-tracking the South Shore Line up in the Region, connecting us to the nation’s third-largest economy like never before!

And we’re Putting People First by connecting our rural communities, expanding rural broadband into unserved areas, and bridging the digital divide that will realize billions of dollars in untapped economic potential for our state as our third century unfolds!

But it’s not just the economic numbers, as compelling as they are.

We’re also Putting People First by investing in education and training – at historically high levels – giving Hoosiers an opportunity to discover their own interests and go on to lead lifelong fulfilling careers!

We’re Putting People First by helping our friends and neighbors in need, fighting for the most vulnerable among us, and turning more “have nots” into “haves.”

We’re tackling the addiction crisis head on – on all fronts, enforcement, treatment and prevention – with our partners at the federal and local levels, where the rubber meets the road, block by block. 

And while we’re seeing progress being made, we know our work will never be done – and that only inspires our dream team to do more.

That’s why we’ve made lowering our infant mortality rate a top priority in our administration.

We will be the best state in the Midwest for this by 2024, so more babies can celebrate their first birthdays!

And that’s exactly why we’re transforming our Department of Child Services.

We now have the right leadership team in place and we’re starting to see significant improvement in lives and outcomes.

And that’s why we’re offering real opportunities for Hoosiers of all backgrounds to skill up and pursue a pathway they’re excited about.

And just like in the military, our duty is to leave no one behind – from our kids in Pre-K, to one of our hardest populations to skill-up: our prison population.

We’re seeing success in both of these areas because we’ve gone from “us against them” to a “us and them” approach!

You just met Brittany in that intro video – in fact, she’s from right here in Knightstown.

Now, she made some mistakes earlier in life and was in and out of our prison system. She’d be the first to admit it.

But she didn’t give up on herself, and we didn’t give up on Brittany!

She discovered her passion, got skilled-up and now has a career in a high-wage, high-demand field.

And, what’s more important than that, she now controls her own destiny!  She gets up every day and looks at family, not bars.

There are “Brittanys” all over Indiana, and we’re going to be talking a lot about them over the next several months.

In fact, this campaign may feel a little different at times to some out there.  

Yes, you will see and hear about me and Suzanne along the way, but we’re going to tell the Indiana success story through the eyes and voices of folks like Brittany, who embody the Indiana way, who earned it, and made things happen.

Because they are proof that if it can happen to them, it can happen to anyone!

Ladies and gentlemen, I’m Indiana proud.

Yes, in part because of our heritage and the progress we’ve made together over this last decade-plus, and where that has us heading in the decade to come.

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is why I’m running for re-election!

So, I’m asking: will you join me and Suzanne – and keep the pedal to the metal – for four more years?!

Thank you so much!

I know together, we’re going to wage that different kind of campaign.

One that shares the good news.

One that addresses our challenges head-on.

One that connects Hoosiers of all walks of life with the resources and skills they need to succeed.

One that promotes “one Indiana,” – from the Dunes to Lake Wawasee, to the Covered Bridge Capital of the World, to a place called New Harmony, to the Knobs, and on to the Clifty Falls – and every place in between.

My friends, and what feels like a great big Hoosier family, we’ve come so far.

But we didn’t come this far to only to come this far.

And as much as we’ve done, we’re going do even more.

Because like Coach Dale says in Hoosiers, “my team’s on the floor.”

And our team has a record of results to be proud of.

We’re organized, we’re mobilized, and we’re energized to keep Indiana rising!

Because nobody around here’s going to get caught watching the paint dry!

So, let’s keep cutting down the nets.

Let’s keep hanging the banners. 

And let’s keep making Hoosier history for four more years! Are you with me?!

Thank you all. I love you guys!