Indiana Governor Eric Holcomb is downplaying recent public polling that shows strong support and approval for the way he and the state have handled the COVID-19 outbreak.

A poll of more than 1,000 Hoosiers by Indy Politics and Change Research showed 63 percent of Hoosiers approved of the way the Governor is handing COVID-19.  In addition, the poll also showed that 81 percent of Hoosiers supported the stay at home order.

At his daily virtual news conference Tuesday, the Governor said while appreciates the support his decisions have and will be driven by data and professionals rather than public opinion.

“We’re looking at first and only the safety of Hoosiers and the policies we put in place, are they working are they effective,” Holcomb said.  ‘I am pleased to hear that Hoosiers support those policies.  I don’t doubt it.  A lot of the steps we’re taking are coming from  areas expertise that are making these recommendations.”

The poll also showed voters also favored the state government enforcing regulations over making recommendations or playing little to no role during the outbreak. In a forced-choice, 58 percent of voters say the state should enforce emergency regulations to keep people safe, while 38 percent say the state should make recommendations so people can decide how to keep themselves safe.

You can hear the Governor, as well as other administration officials in the Leon-Tailored Audio above.  They also discuss working with other states as well as what the process might look like to getting Indiana back to normal.  It runs for about 58 minutes. The media questions begin at about 22 minutes.