The Holcomb administration says it is prepared for an anticipated shortfall in the delivery of the coronavirus vaccine.  

According to the Chicago Tribune, the next two shipments of the Pfizer vaccine have been reduced from 8 million to 9 million doses to about 4.3 million.

Dr, Lindsey Weaver, Chief medical officer for the Department of Public Health says they were notified this morning that Indiana would not be receiving all of its scheduled shipments.

Weaver says anyone who is scheduled to receive a vaccination next week will get one however, after that the state will have to make adjustments.

The governor said his administration is literally making decisions on an hourly, daily, and weekly basis.   He also added said every week the state will play the hand it is dealt  and have the infrastructure in place to administer the vaccine.

You can hear the Governor in the Leon-Tailored Audio above,   It runs for about an hour.  He makes his comments about the vaccine at 43:00.