Streamlining workforce development and continuing the battle against opioids are two of Governor Eric Holcomb’s top priorities for 2018.

The Governor unveiled his agenda today, at the same time announcing the state had a record 28,000 job commitments so far this year.

The 2018 Next Level Agenda  included the following areas…

Cultivate a strong and diverse economy  by attracting new talent, supporting our growing tech sector, preparing for next generation technologies and opportunities, and encouraging sustainable regional development.

Maintain and build the state’s infrastructure  by  focusing on better managing the state’s water resources, expanding our global economic presence with a fourth port, and improving broadband access, speed and affordability where it’s needed most.

Develop a 21st Century skilled and ready workforce by .

  • Provide every Hoosier child an effective baseline education infused with skills and attributes that prepare them for life after high school.
  • Ensure students graduate from high school set on a pathway that prepares them for college, career training or a quality job.
  • Connect working-age adults to education and training that leads them directly to employment aligned with industry needs.

Attack the Drug Epidemic.

The plan calles for strengthening enforcement, expanding recovery options and making it easier for Hoosiers to locate and access treatment. Additionally, the 2018 Next Level Agenda calls for improved reporting and monitoring as well as a stronger focus on programs that help reduce infant mortality rates in our state.

“Deliver Great Government Service”

Holcomb says  Indiana will continue its history of strong financial management and maintain healthy reserves in 2018.   It also calls for a new parental leave policy for state employees, streamlined and simplified processes for citizens to interact with state government, and better outcomes from large-scale IT projects to improve state government service.

Full details of Holcomb’s agenda can be found here.