At first it was Indiana Governor Eric Holcomb who pushed back against claims by Attorney General Todd Rokita on COVID-19, now it’s Indiana’s hospitals.

In an interview with WSBT-TV,  Rokita said he did not believe the state’s COVID-19 numbers, because they have been politicized.  He also said that it was vaccine mandates that were responsible for the shortage of health care workers.

At a joint news conference on Thursday with the Indiana Chamber of Commerce, the Indiana Hospital Association disputed those allegations.

Brian Tabor, the head of the IHA said it was nearly two years of stress that was responsible for the shortage.  And the heads of two Indiana hospital groups said if anyone doubted their COVID numbers they were welcome to come and count them themselves.

With the surge in COVID-19 cases from the Omicron variant expected to continue in the coming weeks, the Indiana Chamber of Commerce and Indiana Hospital Association (IHA) renewed their pleas for everyone to do their part so health care facilities can operate as needed and businesses can avoid shutdowns. The Indiana Chamber also announced new partnerships regarding on-site vaccine clinics and access to COVID-19 testing for employers.

You can hear the Chamber and Hospital Association in the Leon-Tailored Audio above.  Each segment runs for about 32 minutes.

Tabor and the Hospital executives comments are at the beginning of part two.