The  Indiana Youth Institute (IYI) has released the 2022 Indiana KIDS COUNT® Data Book, detailing the state’s continued ranking of 29th nationally for child well-being. This year’s publication, the 28th annual edition, emphasizes data intersectionality with a focus on the systematic disparities facing many Hoosier children and the early impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic.

“The past couple of years have been relentless and challenging for all of us,” said IYI president & CEO, Dr. Tami Silverman. “While it will be some time before we understand the total impact of the pandemic on our communities, there have been thousands of bright spots: the youth workers, educators, parents, and caregivers who continuously adapted and showed up to support Indiana’s kids.”

Information in the Data Book is both statewide and county-specific. As in previous years, the 2022 Indiana KIDS COUNT® Data Book provides objective, reliable information on the status of Indiana’s children and youth across categories of Family & Community, Health, Economic Well-Being, and Education.

Disaggregated data provides local, state, and federal leaders a deeper and more nuanced understanding of students’ opportunities and achievement gaps. The 2022 Indiana KIDS COUNT® Data Book also examines how state and federal policies and initiatives can impact Indiana’s children and youth.

Indy Politics spoke with Silverman this past week.  You can hear her comments in the Leon-Tailored Audio above.  They run for 18 minutes.