Hoosiers will have more options on the ballot in November, as four new United States House of Representatives candidates and two Indiana General Assembly candidates will be running as Libertarians in November.

They were nominated June 8 at a special meeting of the Libertarian Party of Indiana’s State Central Committee.

Ashley Groff (Hendricks County) will be the Libertarian Candidate for United State Representative from District 4. Lauri Shillings (Hamilton County) will be the District 5 House candidate, while K. Richard Fitzlaff (Vigo County) will be on the ballot to represent District 8 and Russell Brooksbank (Clark County) will be from District 9.

In addition, Melissa Kauffman-Miller will run for Indiana House of Representatives from District 21, and Greg Hertzsch will run in District 71.

The current Libertarian Party ticket

  • Governor: Donald Rainwater (Johnson County)
  • Lieutenant Governor: Tonya Hudson (Lawrence County)
  • United States Senate: Andrew Horning (Owen County)
  • United States House of Representatives
    • District 2: William Henry (Elkhart County)
    • District 3: Jarrad Lancaster (Whitley County)
    • District 4: Ashley Groff (Hendricks County)
    • District 5: Lauri Shillings (Hamilton County)
    • District 6: James Sceniak (Johnson County)
    • District 7: Russel “Rusty” Johnson (Marion County)
    • District 8: K. Richard Fitzlaff (Vigo County)
    • District 9: Russell Brooksbank (Clark County)
  • Indiana House of Representatives
    • District 6: Charlie Florance (St. Joseph County)
    • District 21: Melissa Kauffman-Miller (Elkhart County)
    • District 22: Josh Vergiels (Kosciusko County)
    • District 71: Greg Hertzsch (Clark County)
    • District 97: Mark Rehnholzberger (Marion County)
    • District 98: Elizabeth “Libby” Glass (Marion County)
  • Indiana Senate
    • District 10: Tim Cotton (St. Joseph County)