Our latest Indy Politics “Political Pulse” informal survey shows about of a third of those voting in the U.S. Senate race are either undecided or wish they had another option.

More than 500 readers participated in our “Political Pulse” survey, made possible in part by the Institute for Quality Education and Indianapolis Public Schools.

When it came to the U.S. Senate primary,  35 percent of those who said they were going to vote in the Republican U.S. Senate primary said they were undecided on a candidate (14.35 percent) or wished there was another candidate on the ballot (20.85 percent).    Out of the three candidates on the ballot, Luke Messer came in first (34 percent), Mike Braun was second (18 percent) and Todd Rokita was third (12 percent).

Some of the survey’s other results included…

  • 68 percent thought Indiana was on the right track, but only 40 percent thought the country was on track.  And only 21 percent thought Indianapolis was on the right track.
  • 42 percent graded President Donald Trump’s performance as “B” or better, that number was 68 percent for Eric Holcomb,  8 percent for Congress, 31 percent for Indiana lawmakers and 19 percent for Indianapolis Mayor Joe Hogsett.
  • 57 percent did not think incumbent Joe Donnelly should be re-elected, however, nearly 32 percent said they could change their minds when it’s time to vote.
  • Only 26 percent said they want a candidate who will support the “Trump agenda”
  • 47 percent said they plan to “split their ticket” in the general election.
  • More than 50 percent said crime was the biggest issue facing Indianapolis, while 40 percent said roads.

You can view the full survey results here.

Editor’s Note:   While we freely admit our survey is far from “scientific”, we do believe based on audience’s demographics, it can provide valuable insight into the mood of the electorate most likely to participate in the political process.