Pike Township government says it was attacked by hackers.

In a news release put out this afternoon, Trustee Annette Johnson said, it’s information technology department I detected an intrusion into its network and is now working around the clock to recover and restore compromised files.   

“Incidents like this are happening all over the Country,” said Trustee Johnson, referring to recent ransomware attacks in Baltimore, Maryland and Riviera Beach, Florida. “Luckily, this breach has not interrupted the life-saving emergency services that Pike residents count on,” she continued.

Johnson went on to say the Township’s Fire Department’s emergency services are fully operational and that no personal or health information of Township employees or residents has been compromised.

The matter is being reported to the FBI. 

We are working closely with our IT department, insurance company and PTFD administration to recover encrypted files, clean up the server, and get the network up and running as quickly as possible,” said Deputy Trustee Nabeela Virjee. “Incidents like this remind us how important it is to invest in the technology needed to protect against these types of attacks. Trustee Johnson and I look forward to working with the Township Board to ensure that the 2020 budget includes appropriations for enhanced cybersecurity measures.”