A poll conducted last week of more than 1,000 likely Hoosier voters by Indy Politics and Change Research has a lot of good news for President Donald Trump and Governor Eric Holcomb and a little good news for their respective challengers,  Joe Biden and Dr. Woody Myers.

The Indy Politics/Change Research poll showed Trump with a 13-point lead over Biden and Holcomb, with a 20 point lead over Myers.

In addition, more voters thought Indiana was headed in the right direction than the nation.

You can view a summary of the results below.   The survey of 1,021 likely voters was conducted from April 10-13 and the poll had a margin of error of 3.1 percent by traditional standards.


  • Donald Trump – 52
  • Joe Biden – 39
  • Third-party – 5
  • Not Sure – 3


  • Eric Holcomb (R) – 45 
  • Woody Myers (D) – 25 
  • Donald Rainwater (L) – 8
  • Undecided – 22

General Favorable/Unfavorable ratings

  • Donald Trump – 50/46
  • Mike Pence – 49/45
  • Joe Biden – 32/59
  • Eric Holcomb – 47/28
  • Woody Myers – 9/6  (20 percent were neutral and 65 percent say they never heard of him)

Right Track/Wrong Track

  • The country – 49/51
  • Indiana – 54/46
  • Your city/Neighborhood – 67/33

Reaction to dealing with COVID-19 (Favorable/Unfavorable)

  • The federal government – 46/46
  • Donald Trump – 49/45
  • State government – 64/25
  • Eric Holcomb – 63/23  
  • City/county government – 61/20  
  • School Districts – 79/9

Top issues (That polled 5 percent or higher)

  • Health Care Access and Insurance – 12
  • Education – 12
  • Transportation/Infrastructure – 6
  • Jobs and the Economy – 5
  • Taxes – 5

Indy Politics reached out for reaction from Indiana Political Scientists Dr. Laura Wilson of the University of Indianapolis and Dr. Andy Downs of the Mike Downs Center for Indiana Politics at Purdue Unversity Ft. Wayne…

Dr. Andy Downs

  • “Some might want to say these results are good news for Myers because they show voters are open to an alternative to Holcomb, the respondents who know Myers have a good impression of him, and there is room for improvement.  But before anyone gets too excited, they should remember that 54% of the respondents think Indiana is heading in the right direction and that 63% of the respondents view Governor Holcomb’s response to the pandemic favorably.  Also, Myers has a large task in front of him just building name recognition. While he is working on that, Governor Holcomb has time to define Myers”. 

Dr. Laura Wilson

  • “The spread between Hoosiers who said they would vote for Donald Trump versus Joe Biden is noticeably smaller than the divide between Trump and Clinton in 2016 (19% in 2016 compared to 13%).  It shouldn’t surprise anyone that Trump would be the state’s preferred candidate given the culturally conservative tendencies, but the narrowed gap should encourage Democrats, particularly those resistant to embrace Biden’s candidacy or independents feeling isolated from either party.” 

Indy Politics also spoke with Alex Chen, the Survey Data Analyst for Change Research, we discussed the results as we as the poll’s methodology.  You can hear him in the Leon-Tailored Audio above. It runs for about 18 minutes.

Last week Indy Politics unveiled a more detailed poll results on what Hoosiers thought about the government’s response to COVID-19 and how the pandemic was changing their attitudes about a number of issues.

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