A second Indiana lawmaker is issuing an apology for a controversial post on social media.

State Representative Jim Lucas this weekend shared an internet meme showing a police officer in riot gear pepper spraying a woman in the face, with the words: “Participation trophies, now in liquid form.”   That post drew outrage and criticism from some domestic violence advocates.

This occurred the same time as State Senator Jack Sandlin shared a controversial meme regarding “fat women” at the sister rallies across the country this weekend.


Lucas has removed the meme from his Facebook page and issued the following apology.

In view of the recent issue of some of my personal Facebook posts, I want to issue a sincere apology to those that were offended by them. It certainly was not my intent to make light of domestic violence or violence towards women. These issues are something that we must continue to address and I genuinely regret that my posts were a distraction from these important issues. To assuage any further concerns and to put this matter behind us so that we can focus on more important issues, it is my decision to remove these posts from my Facebook site.

For those that know me, you know that I genuinely care about all people and would never condone such actions and would be the first person to step in to help a person in need. My Facebook page has always been open and a place where some very interesting and spirited discussions have occurred. Because of that open interaction, many people, myself included, have gained a greater and more positive understanding of those that we disagree with. Please know that your overwhelming support and understanding through this has been greatly appreciated.

To those that don’t know me, my name is Jim. I have a family that I love deeply, I’m human and I wear my emotions on my sleeve. I am not a polished politician, but just an average person that got involved in politics to make a positive difference in the lives of everyone. I own this incident and accept full responsibility for it. I only ask that everyone think about the amount of vitriol that this lapse of judgement on my part has fostered and commit, as I am, to being a more positive person moving forward.

Jim Lucas
State Representative

House Speaker Brian Bosma says there will be no punishment for Lucas.