The Indiana Senate  Monday voted 30-17 to override Governor Eric Holcomb’s veto of a bill that blocked local landlord-tenant ordinances.

The legislation was passed last session with almost no public input as it was an amendment to legislation regarding mobile homes.

The Governor vetoed the bill. saying it was overly broad and the timing was not right.  He maintained that position in a written statement.  “I remain confident in my past decision to veto Senate Enrolled Act 148 last year. To be sure, we are still navigating through this once-in-a-century pandemic and therefore I still believe this is not the right time for that overly broad language to have become law,” Holcomb said. “While I obviously disagree with their decision to override my veto, I hope the General Assembly will take a careful look at how this new law will effect local residents and units of government.”

“Indiana Republicans’ choice to override renters’ protections during the pandemic is heartless and emphasizes how drunk on power the supermajority has become,” said Lauren Ganapini, executive director of the Indiana Democratic Party. “If successful, this override would evict families from their homes and would demolish the trust voters place in their elected officials to create better opportunities in the future. The INGOP have completely lost their morals.”

“Today the Senate took up the veto of Senate Enrolled Act 148, as is mandated by our state constitution. Given that the override was successful, we intend to move follow-up legislation in Senate Bill 150, which is being authored by Sen. Jim Buck,” said Senate President Pro Tem Rod Bray.  “The bill will narrow and improve the scope of the intended policy by removing the ‘any other aspects of the landlord-tenant relationship’ language. We look forward to working with our colleagues in the House to see this through the rest of the legislative process.”

The House, which passed the original bill 64-32, has yet to schedule an override vote.