The State Board of Education and Superintendent of Public Instruction are moving ahead with plans to shorten the ISTEP exam, which is scheduled to begin in two weeks.

The Board met today to discuss possible ways to shorten the exam which had more than doubled in some cases.   Earlier this week the Glenda Ritz’s office said it would be impossible to shorten the exam, however they later tried to clarify their statement, saying it could not be done without state or federal approval.

Statehouse leaders this week said they would take whatever steps necessary to shorten the exam and Governor Mike Pence this week issued an executive order mandating his office look to ways to shorten the exam.  A copy of the consultants’ report with recommendations can be found here.

Meanwhile Ritz this morning offered a plan that would eliminate the social studies portion of ISTEP for this year which could shave up to three hours off the test.

The parties are meeting later today.  You can hear Ritz’s comments below.  As well as State Board of Education member Brad Oliver.

Leon-Tailored Audio:  Superintendent of Public Instruction Glenda Ritz

Leon-Tailored Audio:  State Board of Education Member Brad Oliver