A new poll by Indy Politics’ polling partner ARW Strategies has the Secretary of State’s race statistically tied.

The poll of 800 likely shows Democrat Destiny Wells leading Republican Diego Morales, 31-28 percent.  Libertarian Jeff Mauer is at seven percent and 34 percent at this point are undecided.

“This race looks like it could be very close entering the fall. Diego Morales is getting just 59% of his base right now, while 33% of Republicans are undecided. Under normal circumstances, Morales can expect most, if not all, Republicans to ultimately come home but if I’m advising him, I’m not taking chances and he needs to make sure he unites the party behind him,” said ARW pollster Anrew Weissert.   “ If I’m Destiny Scott Wells, you have to like being ahead, but there are still a lot of undecided voters and she’ll need to win nearly all Independents and/or peel away a significant chunk of Republican votes from Morales to pull off the win, neither of which are a small task.”

Geographically Morales leads the Evansville, Cincinnati, Ft. Wayne and Louisville areas while Wells is ahead in Indianapolis, Chicago, Lafayette and South Bend.

The poll was conducted July 19-21 and has a margin of error of  +/-3.46 percent.