Here is some of the reaction from Indiana’s congressional delegation to the President’s State of the State address.


U.S. Senator Todd Young

  • “Tonight I was glad the President delivered a powerful message, a unifying message about the importance of us rallying together as a country around a number of major issues facing America. Immigration reform, national security, infrastructure investment, protecting American workers – all of these things need to be priorities moving forward, and I hope we can come together for the common good to make them happen.  I was also glad the President reflected on the many accomplishments that a Republican President working with a Republican Congress has been able to achieve over the last couple of years. From tax reform – which has created 45,000 jobs just in the state of Indiana since passage – to regulatory relief, to many wins on the national security front, to the confirmation of 85 federal judges and counting. There’s a whole lot to be proud of but much work remains to be done.”

U.S. Senator Mike Braun

  • “Tonight, President Trump spoke of great progress: an economy that keeps roaring, Americans going back to work at a record pace, a safer nation at home & abroad. I was honored to hear his vision tonight to keep the state of our union stronger than ever by choosing greatness.”

Jackie Walorski (CD-2)

  • “President Trump spoke to the American people with clarity, a call for unity, and a renewed commitment to our shared ideals.  We need to work together to keep our economic momentum going, allow our manufacturers and farmers to succeed, and make sure hardworking Hoosiers have the opportunity to achieve the American Dream. We need to defend against global threats by working alongside our allies, standing strong against our adversaries, and continuing to rebuild our military. And we need both sides need to come together to fix our broken immigration system and secure our borders. I stand ready to work with President Trump, his administration, and my colleagues in Congress to find commonsense solutions that make our country and our communities stronger.”

Jim Baird (CD-4)

  • “The President demonstrated his willingness to put aside partisan politics and work with anyone who has good ideas to secure our border, grow our economy, and help our citizens. I was elected to deliver results for our constituents and I am focused on finding common-sense policies that continue to move our Country forward,”

Kyle Hupfer, Indiana Republican Party Chairman

  • With his State of the Union address, President Donald Trump delivered a unifying address to Americans, rallying us all behind what we have achieved together as a nation and inspiring us with a positive vision for America’s future. The issues, policies and stories he told tonight weren’t inherently Republican or Democrat — they’re common sense, bipartisan solutions that will continue to make America great.  “There’s no question that President Trump and Vice President Pence are leading our nation into a position of economic and global strength. And that’s while President Trump is working on an infrastructure package that will invest in vital national infrastructure projects, much like Governor Holcomb is investing $32 billion into Indiana’s infrastructure over the next 20 years here at home. Hoosiers strongly support President Trump, and tonight’s State of the Union address is just another example why.”

John Zody,  Indiana Democratic Party Chairman

  • “No applause line or call for harmony can erase the damage President Trump has inflicted on working families. The President and his allies fought to strip health care from millions of Hoosiers. They handed out billions in tax cuts to special interests and the top 1 percent and rewarded companies that outsourced American jobs with federal contracts. He shut down the government for 35 days and cozied up to foreign adversaries. Working families need a president that has their backs. Donald Trump has spent two years proving he doesn’t.”