As Indiana lawmakers wrapped up their fourth week in session, House Speaker Brian Bosma says additional state funds may be needed to increase teacher pay despite Governor Eric Holcomb’s plan to dedicate more than $140 million to Indiana’s teachers.

In his State of the State address, Holcomb proposed the state paying off $140 million in teacher pension liability debt which would free up dollars which schools could dedicate to increasing teacher salaries.

However while data prepared by state budget officials shows at least $1 million going to the each of the state’s school districts, there are approximately 116 school districts and charter schools that would get less than $50,000 that could be used for teacher pay.

The school receiving the least amount is Kindezi Academy charter school in Indianapolis which would receive an additional $35 for salary increases.

The complete list is here.

You can hear the Speaker in the Leon-Tailored Audio above.  He also addresses bias crime legislation, the impact of the government shutdown on the state and a number of other issues.