The Senate author of legislation allowing for Sunday retail alcohol sales says he supports a House amendment that would allow for sales to begin as soon as the Governor signs the bill instead of waiting until July 1.

The House Public Policy Committee today amended SB 1.

The bill allows Sunday retail sales from 12 p.m. to 8 p.m., but it would not have gone into effect until July 1.

WIBC reports that House Public Policy Chairman Ben Smaltz (R-Auburn) says if the state is going to allow Sunday sales, there’s no reason to wait until the normal effective date of July 1.  Smaltz notes liquor stores don’t have to open the first day if they need more time to line up Sunday staffing for the first time. But he says that shouldn’t be that challenging, even with three months less to get ready. And he predicts it’ll be a big sales day for them, WIBC reported.

Ron Alting, chairman of the Senate Public Policy Committee released the following statement,

“I am thrilled to see Senate Bill 1 move out of the House Committee on Public Policy. I applaud Rep. Smaltz for his efforts in moving this bill forward, and I fully support the bill as amended today. Changing the effective date of this bill from July 1 to upon passage will provide Hoosiers with this convenience immediately. Why wait until July 1st?”

If the House approves the change, the bill would have to go back to Senate for approval.