One Indiana gas station and convenience store chain is coming under fire because it’s figured out a way to sell cold beer, legally.

The Rickers chain in Columbus and Sheridan has added a restaurant to a couple of its gas stations, therefore being able to sell cold beer on the premises.

Under Indiana law,  only liquor stores can sell cold beer for carryout, grocery stores convenience stores cannot.

Jay Ricker, chairman of Rickers, tells Indy Politics they follow numerous strict guidelines including…

  • Accommodations to seat 25 patrons
  • Generate more than $200,000 in food sales annually
  • Making sure all restaurant personnel are properly licensed by the Alcohol and Tobacco Commission
  • Anyone buying alcohol must show ID twice proving they are at least 21.

Ricker also says some Indiana lawmakers want to change the law so he would not be allowed to sell cold beer.

You can hear Ricker’s comments in the Leon-Tailored audio above.  It runs about 10 minutes.

Photo:  RTV 6