The head of Rickers convenience stores says giving liquor stores leeway to sell more products and restricting liquor sales at convenient stores should be part of any long-term plan when it comes to re-writing Indiana’s alcohol laws.

Rickers drew the ire of lawmakers for finding a legal way to sell cold beer at two of its gas stations, which is usually not allowed under Indiana law.

Indiana lawmakers this week are taking up a proposal that could restrict cold beers sales in places other than liquor stores. However, lawmakers acknowledge they need to re-write the state’s alcohol code.

Jay Ricker says there needs to be some give and take in the process, as well as openness and transparency. And he also says solving Indiana’s alcohol issue will take more than a legislative summer study committee.

Ricker also thinks lawmakers should expand the time limit for alcohol license permits from one year to at 2-3 years.

You can hear Ricker in the Leon-Tailored Audio above. It runs about 10 minutes.