The Informal Survey Said…


When it comes to COVID-19, an informal survey of nearly 570 Indy Politics readers shows a definite split on perceptions when it comes to rating how the federal government and state governments have handled the pandemic.

Nearly 46 percent rated the federal government’s handing as poor, only 32 percent rated the state as poor.  58 percent rated the state as satisfactory or better, while only 43 percent gave the federal government similar ratings.

And when it came to the legislature curbing the Governor’s emergency powers dealing with the pandemic, 40 percent said no,  22 percent said “yes, quite a bit” while 29 percent said somewhat.

When it came to the current controversy surrounding the 2020 election, 52 percent of the survey responders thought the election was “free and fair” while 30 percent thought there was major fraud.  At the same time, 36 percent blamed the President for the riots while 30 percent blamed the protestors.

You can read the entire informal survey results here.

The survey was made possible with support from IPS Schools, the Institute for Quality Education, and Hirons Communications.