It looks like Indiana lawmakers will have at least two vaping bills to pick from in order to deal one passed last session that created a monopoly and drew the attention of the FBI.

Lasts session lawmaker passed legislation that put so many restrictions on the manufacture of e-liquids that only one company in the country could have met the security requirements, thus sparking an FBI investigation.

State Senator Randy Head is sponsoring SB 1 which he says would eliminate the monopoly while maintaining consumer protections.


Meanwhile, State Representative Kevin Mahan is introducing a bill that would lift the monopoly when it comes to e-liquid security bill would be more restrictive than they Head’s version.  It’s main components include…

  • Extends the time to December 2019 for a security company to be approved by the Alcohol Tobacco Commission.
  • Removes the deadline for a manufacturer to be able to produce and provide e-liquids.
  • Requires a manufacturer to produce e-liquid or lose their license.

You can hear our conversation with Senator Head in the Leon-Tailored Audio above.  It runs about eight minutes.