Just as urban school districts looked at their suburban counterparts for ways to improve academic performance, a long-time educator says suburban schools may have to look at urban schools for ways to enhance school safety and security.

Two people, one student, and a  teacher were injured following a shooting last week at Noblesville West Middle School.  The suspect, a student at the school, is in custody.

Indy Politics spoke with long-time educator Jeff White about school safety.  White has been a principal in the IPS School District and runs a school in Chicago.  He says many urban schools took steps years ago to deal with violence in schools.

And he says while armed security guards, metal detectors, and clear, plastic backpacks are all helpful, school officials must also build relationships with students so they can spot problems early before they escalate into violent incidents.

You can hear White in the Leon-Tailored Audio.  Each segment runs about nine minutes.