It’s that time of the year again.  We’re taking a few days off next month and are soliciting a few opinions for blog posts.

If you can put together a coherent thought in more than 140 characters but less than 700 words then stop reading this and get writing.

We’re taking off in mid-June and are looking for a few guest commentaries in addition to our usual line up.

The rules are simple.

  1. 700 words or less.
  2. Don’t get me sued.
  3. Have fun.

If you’re up for it, e-mail your submission to

It can be serious or humorous, all we ask is that it be Indiana-related.  And we only edit for style, not content.

We’ll be out June 11-16th, so any submission between now and June 9th is eligible.

Also be sure to include your name, where you’re from and a one-sentence description of yourself.  And a headshot won’t hurt either.

Happy writing.