Members of the Indiana Black Legislative Caucus say their agenda for 2020 will help address Indianapolis’ violent crime rate but from a holistic perspective.

The most recent data shows that while African-Americans are less than 30 percent of the city’s population they were 75 percent of the murder victims in 2019 and 78 percent of the non-fatal shootings.

The caucus’ agenda includes the following…

  1. Increased opportunities for minority, veterans, and women-owned businesses.
  2. Testing school drinking water for lead.
  3. Reducing the costs of insulin.
  4. Increasing the ability of law enforcement to issue summons to appear in court instead of making an arrest.

Caucus members say by adopting the above policy measures, the quality of life in Hoosier minority communities will improve, and therefore crime will be reduced.

You can hear the IBLC in the Leon-Tailored Audio above.

The news conference runs about 25 minutes in total.