Southern Indiana native and attorney Dan Canon has announced that he will run for Congress in Indiana’s 9th district, taking on incumbent Trey Hollingsworth.

Canon, a 39-year-old civil rights attorney who has taken cases before the U.S. Supreme Court,  says “people in his district are ready for a member of Congress who truly represents South Central Indiana”.

“I know we can do better. We have the ability to provide every American with the tools and opportunities to live their best lives. That means good-paying jobs, a safe place to live, quality, affordable education, and healthcare that doesn’t leave us bankrupt,” Canon said. “These are things that matter most to regular people. But our current representative isn’t working on those issues. He’s an opportunistic multi-millionaire who came to Indiana just to buy a seat in Congress.

Canon says he built a legal practice representing people against government and big corporations.   He was one of a team of lawyers who took the landmark marriage equality case to the Supreme Court of the United States.  And he recently filed a lawsuit on behalf of a Vietnam veteran and others that seeks to invalidate criminal laws against medical marijuana.


“Our current political system works against the basic interests of regular citizens to serve the interests of a handful of wealthy people. Nearly half of eligible Hoosiers are so discouraged they don’t even vote. Big corporations, and the politicians they bought and paid for, have spent decades turning us against each other so we don’t notice they’re robbing us blind. It’s time we recognize that we’re all in this together and hold the the right people accountable.”