A Marion County Judge has ordered former Secretary of State Charlie White to pay his legal bills.

White was convicted in 2012 of voter fraud, perjury and theft.  Prosecutors argued he voted and was paid for serving on a council set in a district where he did not reside.  White had argued he lived with his ex-wife whose home was in the District, but evidence at trial was presented that he lived with his fiance who did not.

White was sentenced to home detention, however a court of appeals later overturned several of the charges.  White had fought his conviction, arguing ineffective counsel.

White was represented by former Marion County Prosecutor Carl Brizzi.

White and Brizzi got into a dispute over attorneys fees.  And a hearing was held back in September which White failed to appear.

In the  two-page ruling, the Court Judge held that White’s conviction and denial for an appeal by the State Supreme Court meant his case was over and he could not re-litigate the matter by trying to get out of paying his attorney fees.

White was compelled to pay nearly $8,000 to Brizzi.

Photo: RTV 6