Roads and early childhood education will be among the top priorities for the state’s business community in the upcoming legislative session.

The Indiana Chamber of Commerce unveiled its list of top priorities today.

Indy Politics spoke with Indiana Chamber President and CEO Kevin Brinegar about their goals.  You can hear him in the Leon-Tailored audio above. It runs approximately 14 minutes.

In addition to developing a long-term road funding plan and early childhood education, the Chamber’s list also includes the following…

  • Support suitable testing for students and accountability for all involved in the education process
  • Support comprehensive approach to decreasing the state’s smoking rate
  • Support a statewide water policy to assure future resources and our economic prosperity
  • Support making technology innovation an integral part of the state’s identity
  • Support maintaining and enhancing our attractive tax climate
  • Support a work share program that will allow employers to maintain a skilled stable workforce during temporary downturns