Indiana Democrats are disputing the latest poll showing Republican Todd Young beating Democrat Evan Bayh in the U.S. Senate race while at the same time showing Eric Holcomb and John Gregg tied.

The Howey/WTHR poll shows Young beating Bayh 46-21, while Gregg and Holcomb are tied at 42 percent each.

Donald Trump leads Hillary Clinton 48 to 37 percent.

Indiana Democratic Party Chairman John Zody released the following statement…

“For all races up and down ballot, the Indiana Democratic Party has run a campaign based on Hoosier Common Sense and equal opportunity for all. We believe wages need to improve for our workers, a statewide Pre-K program should exist for our children, and all Hoosiers no matter who they are or who they love should feel welcome in Indiana. John Gregg, Evan Bayh, Glenda Ritz, and the rest of the Democratic ticket have proven that putting the well-being of Hoosiers ahead of party ideology should always be priority one. After four years of the opposite, we know Hoosiers are eager to elect common sense Democrats this November.”

The Holcomb camp released the following statement…

“We have been saying for weeks now that the Holcomb campaign is in the passing lane headed into Election Day and this final public poll proves our case,” said Campaign Manager Mike O’Brien. “John Gregg’s mostly negative message has hamstrung his campaign while Lt. Governor Holcomb’s positive message has us on a winning trajectory.”