When it comes to raising money the two members of Indiana’s Congressional delegation most likely to run for the U.S. Senate are leading the pack.

According to the Republican-leaning website, TalkRadio.GOP, both Todd Rokita and Luke Messer raised more money in the first three months of 2017 and have more cash on hand than their colleagues.

Below is a list of how much the candidates have raised and how much they have on hand.

1st Quarter results: 

1st Place: Luke Messer                     $706,614

2nd Place: Todd Rokita                    $321,166

3rd Place: Jackie Walorski             $262,891

4th Place: Trey Holingsworth       $144,898

5th Place: Susan Brooks                  $134,430

6th Place: Jim Banks                        $121,669

7th Place: Larry Buschon                $68,400

Cash on Hand:

1st Place: Luke Messer                          $1,620,394

2nd Place Todd Rokita                          $1,548,229  

3rd Place: Susan Brooks                       $1,392,157

4th Place: Larry Buschon                     $331,597

5th Place: Jackie Walorski                   $296,377

6th Place: Jim Banks                              $138,293

7th Place: Trey Hollingsworth            $131,597