Here are a few items that are less than news, but more than gossip.  Enjoy.

Trump Tariff  Talk

Members of Indiana’s Congressional delegation, and officials who’d like to be part of the delegation,  are responding to the President’s imposition of tariffs on most steel and aluminum imports.

U.S. Senator Joe Donnelly

  • “Trade is critical for Indiana’s economy—from our manufacturers to our farmers—but it must be fair. For too long Hoosier workers have fought unfair competition from countries like China. I’m pleased that President Trump is taking action and plan to carefully review the details of his proclamations. It’s important that we get this policy right, so that American steel and aluminum producers and their workers can compete on a level playing field and continue to support good-paying jobs.”

U.S. Senator Todd Young

  • “While I appreciate that the administration took a step in the right direction and recognized the importance of trade with Mexico and Canada for manufacturers in Indiana, we must ensure global supply chains with other strategic partners remain open as well. I will keep working with Hoosier stakeholders and the administration to address the core issue of Chinese overcapacity so that we can continue to reinvigorate the American steel and aluminum industries.”

U.S. Rep. Jackie Walorski

  • “While the exemption of some U.S. trading partners is a step in the right direction, these tariffs remain too broad and will put Hoosier jobs at risk. Anything other than a balanced and targeted approach will raise costs for manufacturers, slow our economic momentum, and let bad actors like China off the hook. I will continue listening to Hoosiers while working to narrow this policy and minimize any negative impact on local businesses and workers.”

Republican U.S. Senate Candidate Mike Braun

  • “I support President Trump’s leadership on this issue. I’m for free trade just like the President is, but I think you need to call out bad players in the marketplace. For too long career politicians have let our trading partners punch us with no retaliation and President Trump is punching back.”

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Some Senatorial Stuff

Luke Messer unveiled his first TV ad.  You can view it here.  

Todd Rokita has been up for about two weeks with his first TV ad.

Mike Braun is on his fifth TV ad.  It went up about four days ago.

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Congressional Wrap Up

Dan Canon and Liz Watson are releasing “polls” showing they have most support amongst 9th CD Democratic voters. Watson put out a poll showing she had a 13-point lead over Canon (40-27),  33 percent were undecided. Meanwhile, Canon said his “survey” of voters his team has made contact with since August of 2017, showed him with the support of 48 percent of the voters, while 47 percent were undecided and Watson had less than two percent support.  Neither released any crosstabs or other survey data.

CD 4 candidate Steve Braun is expected to announce nearly a dozen endorsements this week,  all from within the district.